Districts are recognizing that teachers and leaders benefit from great coaching. NISL not only provides such coaching, but can also train your staff to deliver high-quality coaching at scale.

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School leaders are increasingly both delivering and receiving coaching. Our foundational Executive Development Program includes training that helps school leaders better coach teachers towards improved instruction. NISL can also coach participants to implement the learnings from the program or even train district coaches to support participants.

Districts can choose to improve the instructional coaching of staff that haven’t participated in our Executive Development Program by utilizing NISL’s Instructional Coaching Institute.

Coaching Institute

The Instructional Coaching Institute will help school leaders find the answers to these key questions:

  • What is the role of coaching in a standards-based school?
  • What steps are necessary to effectively coach individuals and groups?
  • What knowledge and skills are needed to be an effective instructional coach?
  • When is it best for the principal to be the instructional coach, and when is it best for someone else to fill that role?
  • How can the five steps in the instructional coaching process be adapted to fit a variety of coaching situations?
  • How can coaching be used at my school to improve student achievement?
  • What school conditions are necessary for coaching to be most effective?
  • What aspects of coaching are most important for me to share with my faculty?


Over the course of three consecutive days, participants learn about and practice a proven coaching model that empowers them to constructively improve their teachers’ instructional practice.

NISL Faculty can train participants directly, or, for districts or states that want to train multiple cohorts, NISL can train several district leaders to become certified NISL facilitators. This method allows organizations to build internal capacity while reducing the cost of training.

NISL can conduct the Institute at a school district facility or work with you to find a suitable off-site venue. The Institute costs do not include facility rental fees, lunch or refreshments, IT services, or travel or lodging expenses for participants.

The cost of the three-day program is $25,000 for up to 25 participants to receive training directly from NISL faculty. Additional participants can be added for $600 each.

For districts that wish to develop their internal capacity to deliver the training, NISL will train and certify their staff for $1,100 per trainer. Certification requires that candidates spend several extra hours with NISL Faculty before, during and after the Institute. A NISL Faculty member then attends the candidate’s first session as facilitator to observe and coach the trainer candidate. Once certified, the trainer can train other principals for just $425 per participant. This covers the cost of materials plus a license to use the training materials.

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