A Note from NISL's SEED Project Director David Osborne

NISL's SEED Project Newsletter: December 15, 2017

Explore A Note from NISL's SEED Project Director David Osborne

Welcome to the inaugural edition of NISL’s SEED e-newsletter. It will serve as a channel for members of the NISL SEED project community to better engage with one another and to highlight the outstanding work being done during the project.

Many top-performing education systems around the world have developed thoughtful, coherent leadership development systems. These top-performing systems:

  • provide new principals with experienced mentors who support their growth and learning;
  • provide all principals with high-quality, on-going on-the-job training and support; and
  • create mechanisms for high-performing principals to take on additional responsibilities, including support of lower performing schools and principals.

NISL’s SEED project was designed to see whether we could replicate some of these conditions in American states and school districts. Thanks to the talent and dedication of the participating school leaders, we are proving that it can be done.

Through the NISL SEED effort, 216 principals have successfully completed the NISL Executive Development Program and are implementing strategies to improve instruction and learning in their buildings. In addition, 39 principals and National School Leadership Coaches in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania have earned a Distinguished Principal credential. In turn, they are coaching and mentoring 137 principals in the hopes of improving their practice and impacting student achievement in their schools and districts. By building a system in which professionals learn from other professionals and leading research in learning and system design, the educators participating in this effort are changing the culture of learning in these schools, for both students and adults.

In coming issues, we will continue to highlight the remarkable work of these talented leaders. If your district would like to explore ways in which it can partner with NISL on the application of an advanced credentialing system for education leaders, please contact me at (202) 888-2685 or dosborne@nisl.org.