NISL leads school leadership support in RAND report

RAND Corporation - by Rebecca Herman, Susan M. Gates, Emilio Chavez-Herrerias, Mark Harris | April 28, 2016

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An important report released by RAND offers critical insight into how the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) supports school leadership. The report identified NISL as the sole “Professional Learning Activity for Principals” found to increase student achievement and to meet the ESSA Tier II level of evidence. According to the guidance in the report, this makes NISL the only source of Professional Learning Activity for Principals eligible for Title I funding that has been shown to increase student achievement.

NISL is the only activity identified in any category that used a train-the-trainer model to achieve the necessary evidence of effectiveness. This model is notable as it allows for sustainable improvements in school leadership and student achievement at scale and at low cost. Ten state Departments of Education and many districts of all sizes and demographics have delivered the NISL program, making it the leading rigorous school leadership support in the country.

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