Massachusetts Study Points to More Cost-Effective Way to Boost Student Achievement

July 1, 2011

Learn more about the work that NISL is doing in schools across the country.

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NISL training for principals in 38 Massachusetts schools delivered lasting, “significant advantages” to their students in English language arts and mathematics. Given the cost-effectiveness of NISL training, “the educational value to individual schools and to multiple schools state-wide is obvious.”

The 38 schools in the state’s highest-need districts saw statistically significant gains in both math and reading assessments for elementary and middle school students, compared to students in other schools across the state. The gains translated to more than a month of additional learning for students led by NISL-trained principals.

The researchers for this study concluded that the NISL Executive Development Program for School Leaders is a highly cost-effective, viable alternative to trying to improve student achievement by changing school leadership.

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