For Stronger Schools, Train Stronger Leaders

The Hechinger Report | August 12, 2013

Learn more about the work that NISL is doing in schools across the country.

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In a timely op-ed in The Hechinger Report, NISL CEO Bob Hughes and the Missouri Commissioner of Education Dr. Chris Nicastro, argue that improving the effectiveness of school leaders is even more critical in the current climate of tight budgets, rigorous standards, and increased accountability.

Nicastro and Hughes discuss how districts and states are currently supporting their school leaders and how shortfalls in this area impact instruction and learning. Changes in the role of school leaders will require corresponding changes in how school leaders are prepared.  Missouri is offered as a model of how states can bridge this gap in a cost-effective manner by building the internal capacity to deliver a nationally-researched program to support current and aspiring principals.

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