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NISL provides all the expertise and resources you need to plan, coordinate and implement the Executive Development Program for district and school leaders.

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Each participant in the NISL Executive Development Program receives a comprehensive set of materials and online resources, including:

  • Three binders, each containing extensive curriculum resources, readings, and tools that allow participants to apply learnings from the program immediately in their schools.
  • A “leadership bookshelf” of professional books from education and other arenas
  • CDs with interactive resources
  • Access to 40 hours of online content including interactive curriculum tools, essential research, and videos containing both insights from nationally-recognized speakers and models of best practices.

Extensive Onsite Training by Certified Facilitators

The program includes 24 days of face-to-face instruction delivered over 12-15 months. Highly qualified NISL Master Faculty and NISL-certified trainers deliver the NISL Executive Development Program and optional coaching. Many NISL faculty members have been successful principals, superintendents or state education leaders. National experts bring new ideas and perspectives, while local experts bring their knowledge of local culture, rules and regulations.

Planning, Technical Assistance and Implementation

NISL project managers work with states and districts to tailor the Executive Development Program to meet local needs. We partner with districts to select the best candidates for the program and develop a flexible training schedule.

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Implementation Sites

Implementation Sites

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