Principal and Teacher Evaluation

NISL’s Executive Development Program not only helps principals develop the skills often found on Leadership Evaluations, but also helps them implement Teacher Evaluations and improve teacher performance.

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Principal Evaluation

Many states and districts are implementing principal and teacher evaluations to measure the impact of leadership and teaching in schools. Without providing educators with support to improve their practice, however, the ultimate goal of increased educator effectiveness will be difficult to meet.

NISL’s Executive Development Program provides that much-needed support.

The program is designed to improve the skills and knowledge essential to successful school leadership. It is fully aligned with the competencies articulated in the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards (Council of Chief State School Officers, 2008) and Public Impact’s competencies for turnaround leaders (Public Impact, 2008).

The Executive Development Program is designed to significantly improve school leaders’ ability to be a strong instructional leader. The program improves the skills of school leaders often assessed on evaluations, and also has been shown to positively impact portions of evaluations that measure the achievement of students in their schools.

Teacher Evaluation

In the new evaluation environment, principals are not only being evaluated, but often take the lead in conducting evaluations. NISL helps school leaders more accurately assess the instructional capacity of teachers and provides the skills necessary to improve instruction based on their observations.

In the Executive Development Program, school leaders build a strong foundation in best practices in instruction and in the latest research around what makes for strong instruction in the content areas of math, English language arts and science. Evaluation, even done accurately, is not enough, however. NISL provides school leaders with a model for coaching teachers towards improved instruction and works with them to practice and improve their coaching skills. This fundamentally changes the nature of evaluation and the relationship between principals and their teaching staff to one of shared discovery and support.

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Implementation Sites

Implementation Sites

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