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NISL offers a uniquely comprehensive curriculum using the latest research on adult learning. It is perhaps the only rigorously researched, proven leadership program that districts can deliver themselves, allowing for a wider and deeper impact.

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An Exceptional Approach

NISL’s Executive Development Program emphasizes the role of principals as strategic thinkers, instructional leaders and creators of a just, fair and caring culture in which all students meet high standards. It ensures that school leaders can competently and effectively set direction for teachers, support their staffs and design an efficient organization.

The program combines best practices in teaching and learning, subject-area content knowledge, and leadership knowledge and practices, including:

  • Leadership knowledge and skills: Strategic thinking; strong school culture and team building; data-driven organization; importance of systems; turnaround leadership competencies.
  • Best practices in teaching and learning: Coaching and teacher supervision; use of standards-based classrooms; formative assessment; instructional teams; compelling school vision; differentiated instruction; and professional learning communities.
  • Subject-area knowledge: Creating excellent school-wide programs in English language arts, mathematics and science; identifying and coaching towards strong instruction in the content areas.
  • Best practices for delivery of adult curriculum: 360° assessments; cohort-based; job-embedded learning; simulations; case studies; group discussion; and extended period of study.

Through our train-the-trainer model, districts can deliver the program in-house, minimizing costs and maximizing the impact on instructional leadership in the district.

This approach has proven results in preparing top-flight instructional leaders.

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Implementation Sites

Implementation Sites

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