Delivery Models

The choice is yours. Our faculty can train your school leaders directly or you can deliver our research-based, research-proven curriculum utilizing your staff or local partners.

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The Executive Development Program (EDP) includes 24 days of instruction consisting of 12 two-day units bridged by professional readings, site-based activities and online learning. One unit is delivered each month in back-to-back days, with some months skipped due to holidays and/or testing periods. Units may also be clustered to take advantage of scheduled professional development periods. Cohorts range in size from 25 to 32 participants.

The EDP can either be delivered by your staff, through a train-the-trainer model or by NISL faculty.


In this model, districts and states select local leaders to take on leadership training. Selected leaders go through the EDP alongside direct-delivery participants, and then receive extra guidance on facilitation with opportunities to lead portions of training and receive feedback during a six-day facilitation unit. Upon demonstrating success in NISL facilitation standards, they serve as certified facilitators. NISL faculty provide quality assurance to these leaders as they begin delivering the EDP to other school leaders.

Step 1. Facilitation candidates take part in the EDP

Participants: Min: 25 Max: 32

What is included:

  • Facilitation by NISL faculty.
  • Online curriculum and course materials.
  • One-on-one virtual support for participant’s action learning.
  • Access to one EDP Applied Plus course following EDP graduation.

Step 2. Candidates take part in 6-day Facilitator Certification Institute

Participants: Min: 6 Max: 12

What is included:

  • Facilitation by NISL faculty.
  • Course materials and facilitator guides.
  • Online curriculum and resources.
  • Quality assurance provided on roll-out.

Step 3. Train School Leaders

Option 1: EDP Participant Support Suite

Participants: Typical: 25 Max: 32

What is included:

  • Course materials and online curriculum.
  • NISL-led facilitation of Units 4, 5, and 6 (these content units require separate certification beyond the certification for EDP facilitation).
  • One-on-one virtual support for participant’s action learning.

Option 2: Hybrid training, co-facilitation with district staff and NISL faculty

Participants: Min: 25 Max: 32

What is included:

  • Facilitation by NISL faculty (client provides second facilitator).


NISL facilitators train school leaders directly, taking them through the EDP.

Participants in cohort: Min: 25 Max: 32

What is included:

  • Facilitation by NISL faculty.
  • Extensive course materials.
  • Access to online curriculum and resources.


The Hybrid Training option differs from the EDP Participant Support Suite option in that a NISL faculty member co-facilitates with a district trainer. This allows for continued EDP expertise and fulfills the requirements for waiving of doctoral credits from university partners.

Facilitator candidates must take part in the EDP prior to enrolling in the Facilitator Certification Institute. They may participate either at the Direct Delivery price or as a participant in a cohort led by already-certified local staff.

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