NISL supports coaching at two levels—the coaching of school leaders to improve their instructional leadership, and the coaching of teachers by school leaders to improve the quality of instruction.

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Coaching Teachers to Improve Instruction

The NISL Executive Development program provides leaders with the knowledge to better identify good instruction and the expertise in coaching to improve instruction.

Included in the program are units on the best practices in standards-based education. Other units dive deeply into the content areas of English language arts, history, science and math. Leaders gain a solid foundation in what good instruction looks like, what questions they should ask, and how curriculum and assessments should be leveraged to improve instruction. Often for the first time, leaders gain the confidence to actively engage in content areas where they didn’t have an instructional background.

Program participants also engage in a two-day coaching institute where they learn about a proven coaching model and practice using it in a safe environment. This coaching emphasis, along with improved knowledge of instruction, allows leaders to better implement teacher evaluations and use them to strengthen instruction and their relationship with their teachers.

Coaching Leaders to Improve Instructional Leadership

Many districts are starting to support school leaders with coaches or mentors, but too often these initiatives are ineffective due to ill-defined models for coaching or a lack of training for the coaches themselves.

Through our optional coaching program, districts can augment the Executive Development Program training with capacity-building coaching services. NISL works with districts to identify a team of school leadership coaches. These coaches participate in the Executive Development Program and then receive extra training and support in a leadership coaching model. Coaches are then supported with observation, modeling and feedback from NISL Master Faculty as they begin to coach school leaders. Building the coaching alongside the NISL training provides a shared framework to monitor and implement improvements in school leadership. This also allows for increasing the rate of improvement at the school level and the sustainability of continued improvements.

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Implementation Sites

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