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Transfer expertise gained from the Executive Development Program into deliberate practices in unique contexts.

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EDP Applied Plus Courses

Upon completion of the Executive Development Program (EDP), the EDP Applied Plus provides participants targeted opportunities to deepen their learning in the critical topics covered by the EDP and to apply the learning in their schools.

EDP Applied Plus consists of a suite of targeted five- to eight-week online courses that build on the EDP concepts. Each EDP Applied Plus course is led by certified EDP facilitators that provide tailored support. The focus on applied learning transforms knowledge to practice and provides continuous improvement for school leaders and the schools they lead.

Why it Works

EDP Applied Plus prepares school leaders to be effective agents of change with a shared belief in building a collaborative and professional culture for leaders, teachers and students, thus allowing for improvement and growth for all within schools and districts. It provides the opportunity to solidify learning with practice and performance, promotes interactive learning, and offers training in real-world topics that can have an immediate impact on the work school leaders do every day.

EDP Applied Plus participants are supported through ongoing access to NISL’s online portal, with access to the Executive Development Program curriculum, research on effective schools and school systems, and diagnostic tools to help with school redesign efforts. The app also supports collaboration and peer-to-peer support, including conferencing for interactive engagement during the implementation assistance and easy connection with cohort members and the wider EDP community.

Courses are being developed under three topic areas aligned with the NISL Wheel: High-Performance Organization and Management (HPOM), High-Quality Aligned Instructional Systems (AIS), and High-Quality Teachers and Teaching (HQTT). Participants may build their expertise within and across these core areas.

Successful completion of the EDP 2013 or 2016 Version is required prior to enrollment. To succeed, participants require working knowledge of the following topics for the courses:

Collaborative Structures and Mentoring Induction:

High-Quality Teachers and Teaching and Formative Assessment:

Completion of EDP Applied Plus courses can be used toward CEUs in some states. NISL will work with districts to apply for CEU approval if not currently available.

Course List

Collaborative Structures for Professional Learning – HPOM
Analyze high-performing education systems to better understand how job-embedded, continuing professional learning can be the primary driver for improved teaching and learning. Exploration of research, discussion and tasks are designed to support the following: getting input and buy-in from key stakeholders (internal and external) on models for collaboration; using tools and resources from the EDP to help identify areas of discrepancy; building consensus with the school’s leadership team; and identifying leadership actions and opportunities to create an environment in which teachers see themselves as professionals. (Approx. 4-8 hours of coursework per week from October 7, 2020 – November 17, 2020)

High-Quality Teachers and Teaching – HQTT
Deeply explore the components of a complete system of ongoing teacher preparation—from recruitment and preparation to induction and continuing professional learning. Study the latest research on high-quality teaching, with a focus on “How People Learn” and its implications for instructional practice. Examine how a system of continuing professional learning for teachers supports high-quality teaching and identify the elements of a successful system of professional learning. (Approx. 4-8 hours of coursework per week from October 7, 2020 – November 17, 2020)

Mentoring and Induction for New Teachers – HPOM
Create a shared, coherent vision among your Leadership Team for how you will prepare and retain high-quality teachers as part of an overall talent development strategy. Analyze the practices of high-performing systems according to specific structures, processes and leadership actions that undergird effective teacher induction. Use diagnostics to evaluate the strengths, opportunities and potential shifts in priorities for improving your current induction program. Build consensus among leaders and faculty on how to apply the induction research and determine next steps in support of improved teaching and higher student achievement. (Approx. 4-8 hours of coursework per week from July 29, 2020 – September 8, 2020)

Formative Assessment for Instruction – AIS
Learn to better leverage a common language around formative assessment to engage in research-based discussions with faculty and leadership teams. Analyze the extent to which formative assessment is being used effectively to inform instruction in classrooms. Determine how to support teachers in their professional learning and application of assessment. (Approx. 4-8 hours of coursework per week from July 29, 2020 – September 15, 2020)