Leading Transformation: the EDP

This unrivaled program has been proven to strengthen the instructional leadership of aspiring and current leaders, and raise student achievement across districts and states.

Transform Your School with NISL

An Exceptional Approach

NISL’s Executive Development Program emphasizes the role of principals as strategic thinkers, instructional leaders and creators of a just, fair and caring culture in which all students meet high standards. It ensures that school leaders have the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively set direction for teachers, support their staff in improving instructional practices, and design a high-performing school organization that is rooted in professional learning.

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The Executive Development Program includes 24 days of instruction consisting of 12 two-day units bridged by professional readings, site-based activities, and online learning.  One unit is delivered each month in back-to-back days, with some months skipped due to holidays and/or testing periods.  Units may also be clustered to take advantage of scheduled professional development periods. Cohorts range in size from 25 to 32 participants.

This training can either be delivered by your staff, through a train-the-trainer model or by NISL faculty.

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Doctoral Credit and Certification

Not only does the Executive Development Program prepare school leaders to succeed, it also can reward them with valuable credentials. NISL partners with states, districts and higher education institutions in flexible ways to help administrators get advanced credit or degrees.

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The NISL Executive Development Program provides leaders with the knowledge to better identify good instruction and the expertise in coaching to improve instruction. NISL provides coaching at two levels—the coaching of school leaders to improve their instructional leadership, and the coaching of teachers by school leaders to improve the quality of instruction.

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Executive Development Program Implementation Sites

NISL’s work with some 15,000 school leaders across the country and nine state departments of education is aimed at ensuring that all high school graduates, regardless of background, have mastered the subjects they have studied, are on track to be successful in college and careers once they graduate, and possess the skills necessary to be competitive in tomorrow’s global workforce.

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