Leading Transformation: the EDP

The leading school leadership program in the U.S. has been proven to strengthen the instructional leadership of aspiring and current leaders, and raise student achievement across districts and states.

Transform Your School with NISL

An Exceptional Approach

NISL’s Executive Development Program emphasizes the role of principals as strategic thinkers, instructional leaders and creators of a just, fair and caring culture in which all students meet high standards. It ensures that school leaders have the knowledge, skills, and tools to design their schools as systems, effectively set direction for teachers, support their staff in improving instructional practices, and design a high-performing school organization that is rooted in professional learning.

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The delivery options of the Executive Development Program are priced and designed to allow for districts to go beyond targeting a handful of schools, and instead create improved leadership and learning across large segments of schools or entire districts. NISL’s delivery is flexible and can be tailored to each district’s needs, in either face-to-face and virtual delivery models.

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Doctoral Credit and Certification

NISL works with our partners to ensure that participants not only maximize the program’s impact in their school, but also in their careers. States and districts have granted Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and administration certifications for those that complete the Executive Development Program. NISL has also partnered with national and local universities so that graduates receive credit towards doctorate programs and other advanced degrees.

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NISL provides coaching at two levels. An entire unit of the EDP focuses on equipping participating school leaders with a research-based coaching model that allows them to go beyond evaluating teachers to actually improving their practice. At a district level, NISL can work with principal supervisors and others that support principals so that they can apply the same model and better understand how to leverage the NISL diagnostics, leadership framework and applied learning opportunities to focus their coaching to maximize its impact on practice.

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