Deepening Transformation

Transferring expertise from the EDP into sustained, deliberate practices.

Applying EDP Learning

School leaders face a unique set of challenges and pressures. They are expected to implement major changes, create standards-based schools, and affect positive academic outcomes of students. However instructional leadership is in scarce supply in schools, and no school can achieve the profound instructional shifts required to spur student achievement without school leaders who truly know how to lead. NISL’s EDP Applied Plus and Teaching for Effective Learning series (TEL) build off the research-proven framework and results of NISL’s Executive Development Program (EDP) to deepen transformation within EDP graduates’ schools.

EDP Applied Plus (EDP A+)

The EDP Applied Plus (EDP A+) is for graduates of NISL’s Executive Development Program (EDP). The modular courses take the concepts from the EDP and deepen participants’ depth of learning in that topic while shifting the pedagogical emphasis towards applying the learning in their schools. Learn More.

Teaching for Effective Learning (TEL) Series

TEL extends the EDP’s proven approach to strengthening teachers and teaching from school leaders that have been through the EDP to directly impact the teachers in their schools. The TEL Series incorporates teachers’ development as professionals, helping EDP principals turn their schools into robust professional learning communities focused on the learning of all students. Learn More.

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