Build District Capacity to Support Schools

Helping education leaders transform their states, districts and schools into high-performing systems

Building District Capacity

NISL’s Executive Development Program is the leading support for school leaders in the country. The EDP provides districts a unique opportunity to build district capacity with flexible delivery options, including a train-the-trainer model.

Building Capacity and Increasing Student Achievement

NISL’s train-the-trainer delivery model enables districts and schools to sustain leadership training affordably and efficiently. This delivery model has been proven effective in multiple third-party evaluations of the program. The train-the-trainer’s innovative model allows districts to take local ownership of their leadership training and sustain it with a high level of fidelity.

Potential EDP facilitators begin by participating in the full EDP alongside school leaders, thus building a shared understanding of instructional leadership. After completing the EDP, facilitator candidates participate in a six-day EDP Facilitator Certification Institute. Upon certification to NISL facilitation standards, participants are certified as EDP facilitators. NISL faculty provide quality support to these leaders as they begin delivering the EDP to other school leaders.

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Additional Coaching Support for School Leaders

Today, many leading districts are asking the principal supervisors and evaluators to go beyond evaluation to provide direct coaching to principals. Too often this support is conducted without the foundation of a shared, research-based coaching model or a framework that both the coach and coachee understand. NISL’s School Leadership Coaching Program (SLCP) transforms district coaching with a shared framework for school leadership and a defined model for the coaching. SLCP participants and the school leaders they support participate in the EDP, providing them a shared understanding of the principal’s role, tools, and applied learning opportunities necessary for effective principal coaching. The SLCP participants learn to maximize these resources by also learning, practicing, and applying NISL’s research-based coaching model. The SLCP will improve the coaching of principals as well as accelerating and deepening implementation of the leadership practices at the heart of the EDP.

During 5 days of face-to-face work, principal supervisors and coaches learn and practice using the research-based coaching model, study how to leverage the EDP to focus their coaching, and develop a Professional Learning Community with fellow supervisors and coaches that strengthens communities of practice within the school and school district.

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