Transforming Districts: The NISL Supports

District leaders can drive the organizational change teachers and students need to be successful through NISL's powerful suite of district supports.

Redesign your district with NISL

NISL’s District Offerings

Based on 30 years of research into top-performing countries and leadership development by the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) and NISL, we have developed a suite of district offerings that provide district leaders the knowledge, skills, tools and support needed to redesign their systems as systems, with each element purposefully reinforcing and strengthening the others.

District System Design Partnership (DSDP)

The District System Design Partnership (DSDP) is a shared learning experience for district leadership teams that allows them to view persistent challenges through a new lens and develop solutions to achieve a shared vision. District leadership teams learn what makes top-performing systems work, and develop a shared understanding of their district and the path forward. The DSDP also develops strong leadership skills and attributes among the leadership team. They learn to think strategically, drive change, build teams, and lead ethically towards an equitable education for all students. Learn More.

System Design Benchmarking (SDB)

The System Design Benchmarking (SDB) supports superintendents and their district leadership teams establish a shared understanding of what makes high-performing systems successful. This understanding serves as a lens through which they can view their challenges and opportunities. Learn more.

Superintendent Academy

NISL’s Superintendent Academy can scale improvements in education systems, instruction, and student learning across entire regions or states. The academy is a rigorous, research-based, cohort-delivered executive development program for district superintendents. The academy provides district leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools to design and lead district-wide, coherent, aligned systems of instruction and learning, based on examples of the best performers in the United States and worldwide. Learn more.

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