Better Than Homegrown or Boutique Programs

District Administration | April 1, 2013

Learn more about the work that NISL is doing in schools across the country.

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In response to a February 2013 District Administration story, “Priming Principal Pipelines,” NISL CEO Robert C. Hughes points out that school leaders don’t have to choose between homegrown leadership development programs and costly boutique programs. NISL professional development is effectively used in more than 20 states—and it’s cost-effective as well.

Most districts don’t have the capacity or expertise to develop homegrown programs with a strong research base. Nor do they have the resources for programs that are so costly that only a few people benefit. NISL provides a better choice with a four-year, $11 million research and development effort behind the training, and a train-the-trainer delivery model that makes it affordable to train many school leaders.

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